Paediatric Nursing Respiratory Distress Scenario

This short interactive scenario offers an opportunity to practice assessing a child in respiratory distress using a structured ABCDE framework.  

Involving Children in Research

These resources help explain and explore the ethical issues around involving children and young people in clinical research. 

Meningitis in Infants

This eTool is designed to help clinicians improve their assessment and management of young infants who present with possible bacterial meningitis.

Animated Minds: Stories of Postnatal Depression

Beautifully-animated short films providing an insight into mothers’ and their partners’ experiences of perinatal mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and postpartum psychosis. 

Breast Examination and History-Taking

This collection of short videos demonstrates how to conduct breast examinations and focussed histories. 

History taking in Obstretrics and Gynaecology

Two brief videos demonstrate how to take and present histories in obstetrics and gynaecology.