Mucocilliary Clearance in Health and Disease

This interactive resource introduces the mucociliary transport system and other defence mechanisms that normally maintain a relatively sterile environment in the lower lungs. It explains how mucociliary clearance can become inhibited in various healthy and disease conditions, and how physiotherapy techniques can help.

Introduction to Critical Care Nursing

Self-test workbooks to aid revision of anatomy and physiology. Part of the Introduction to Critical Care course for nurses working with critical care patients, and also useful to any trainee or student who wants to check and refresh their understanding of essential basic science.

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

Workbooks and other resources to support staff who are training to care for patients undergoing ECMO. Anyone interested in learning more about ECMO is also welcome to explore the resources. 

Advanced Pathophysiology for Critical Care Nursing

Self-test workbooks and reading recommendations to help improve knowledge of the major physiological systems. Designed for experienced nurses working with critical care patients, and also useful to staff or students who want to revise and extend their understanding of pathophysiology.

Interpreting chest x-rays

This short self-paced resource presents advice on analysing chest x-rays based on the A-H approach, and provides practice examples to interpret.